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Can You Lie About a Politician…

…Without Breaking the Law? We all know that lying is bad. But should it be illegal? That’s the crux of a case now before the U.S. Supreme Court. At issue is an Ohio elections law that makes it a crime … Continue reading

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Freedom in Fiction: The Groves of Academe

By Gilion Dumas White Russians, communists, atheists, Catholics, progressives, classicists, English professors, and visiting poets all roam the halls of Jocelyn College and the pages of Mary McCarthy’s 1951 campus novel classic, The Groves of Academe. Jocelyn is an experimental … Continue reading

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The $1.5 Billion Milwaukie Light Rail Alternative

The video above is to help illustrate the enormity of $1.5 billion, and how little we will actually get for putting in the Milwaukie Light Rail line. We realize many of you will want to know how we arrived at … Continue reading

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Brilliant SNL solution for national debt crisis

What should our nation’s leaders do about the debt crisis? The problem which has baffled our nation’s leaders, has been solved by Saturday Night Live’s revolutionary book, Don’t Buy Stuff You Can’t Afford. Check out SNL’s sound economic policy work … Continue reading

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