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Gasoline and Greed

By William B. Conerly, Ph.D. Why have gasoline prices come down so much? Certainly global prices for crude oil have dropped, but why did the local gas station operator drop prices that you and I pay? A year ago I … Continue reading

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Minimum Wage Hikes Hurt Teen Workers They Are Supposed to Help

By Parrish Miller In a recent article, economist Thomas Sowell points out a curious occurrence in which the San Francisco Chronicle—normally an ardent supporter of minimum wage increases—published a sympathetic front-page story lamenting the plight of a local nonprofit organization whose mission … Continue reading

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A Simpler Approach to Fixing Health Care

By Paul Guppy With ObamaCare proving increasingly unworkable and unpopular, many people are urging officials to get the government out of running our health care by legalizing a simple and direct way for workers to pay their health care―allow families to … Continue reading

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Who Makes Less Than Minimum Wage?

By Trent England The Wall Street Journal recently reported about small business owners losing their health insurance, or facing expensive rate increases, thanks to ObamaCare. Several thousand of the nation’s smallest business owners—sole proprietors and the self-employed—were kicked off their small-business plans by … Continue reading

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Confundo (Confundus Charm)

By Patrick Schmitt Pronunciation: /kɒnˈfʌndoʊ/ kon-FUN-doh Description: Causes the victim to become confused, befuddled, overly forgetful and prone to follow simple orders without thinking about them. From: The Harry Potter book series I don’t know about you, but these days … Continue reading

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Government-Imposed Health Care Demand Spells “Ration”

By William B. Conerly, Ph.D. What’s the problem with ObamaCare? Recent technical problems call that question to mind, but the answer is not what you may be thinking. ObamaCare’s website is getting help in what administration officials called a “tech … Continue reading

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Freedom in Fiction: The Groves of Academe

By Gilion Dumas White Russians, communists, atheists, Catholics, progressives, classicists, English professors, and visiting poets all roam the halls of Jocelyn College and the pages of Mary McCarthy’s 1951 campus novel classic, The Groves of Academe. Jocelyn is an experimental … Continue reading

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An Outsider’s Perspective on Portland Policy

By John Glennon I am not a native Portlander; but the summer I have spent here has given me some interesting insights into the culture of the city, the Pacific Northwest, and the West Coast. Working at Cascade Policy Institute … Continue reading

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Bills Aim to Stop Tree Huggers from Harming People and Property

By Doug DeFilipps One of the most basic responsibilities of any government is to protect the property of citizens.  To that end, the Oregon House has approved two bills to strengthen the property rights of logging companies in Oregon. House … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Lobbyists

By Doug DeFilipps The Oregonian’s Betsy Hammond pointed out last week that there are two lobbyists in the Oregon legislature representing K-12 Inc. (which operates the online charter school Oregon Virtual Academy) and another two from Connections Education LLC (which … Continue reading

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