Oregon Right to Try Bill Passes Both Houses

Oregon’s Right to Try bill (HB 2300 B), passed 29-0 in the Senate last night, was re-passed with some restrictive amendments in the House by 60-0 this afternoon. It now goes to Governor Kate Brown’s desk for her signature. It will give many terminally ill Oregonians the Right to Try experimental drugs and devices not yet approved by the FDA.

Special thanks go to Representatives Mitch Greenlick and Knute Buehler, and Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson who all starting working on this before the session even began in January, and kept at it until the final bill passed both houses without one No vote.

The final bill is more restrictive than similar statutes in 21 other states (with its 18-year-old minimum age limit and its six-months to expected death definition of terminal illness), but it’s a good start and hopefully can be expanded in the future to cover children and people who have terminal illnesses such as ALS where patients may live for a number of years.

Cascade played a significant role in the passage of this bill, as did our sister organization, the Goldwater Institute of Arizona, which pioneered the Right to Try concept around the country. Personal liberty had a good day in Oregon today.

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