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Watch Georgie the Dog Bust the “Oregon Myth”

What’s wrong with Oregon? Where are the jobs? And why is there so much traffic? If you’ve ever wondered why Oregon is the way it is, “Beyond the Oregon Myth” can explain it to you. This new online film by … Continue reading

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Conservatives should oppose the drug war

Cascade Policy Institute urges a Yes vote on Measure 91 this November to decriminalize marijuana. While Oregon’s marijuana laws aren’t the strictest, and medical marijuana is legal here, possession of even small amounts of recreational marijuana is deemed a misdemeanor … Continue reading

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When Are Energy-Efficiency Efforts Worth It?

When does “being green” make sense?  Perhaps not as often as you think. Todd Myers, director of the Center for the Environment at Washington Policy Center, recently noted in a Wall Street Journal article that a “key mistake people make when … Continue reading

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