New Tax Regs Would Stifle Rural Businesses’ Online Success

Despite some economic recovery for the state, sixteen of Oregon’s most rural counties still see unemployment rates above 6 percent. Young people living in those areas often must leave their families and home communities to find jobs in more urban locations.

Catesby Jones knows the internet has been and can continue to be an opportunity for small businesses like his to succeed and to create more jobs to support local communities.

“The internet is really a great way where kids can come back can operate a business and run something from a rural area,” says Jones, president of Peace Frogs, a clothing company in Gloucester, Virginia. “You just don’t get that in many places.”

For small businesses like Jones’s, complicated tax regulations proposed in the Marketplace Fairness Act would come at a serious cost, putting an end to job-creating start-ups in communities that need them the most.

Learn more about Catesby Jones’ story in this interview created by the Heritage Foundation.


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One Response to New Tax Regs Would Stifle Rural Businesses’ Online Success

  1. Neil Huff says:

    Oregon’s number one resource is still timber. Revive timber based industries and govt might have a secure revenue base again. If I were in charge, I’d pass a law that forbids ALL exports of logs. Only processed lumber and wood products may be exported from the state.

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