This Week in the Capitol: Health Care and Hair Braiding

In the waning days of the legislative session in Salem, Cascadians are still at work representing the views of free-market and limited-government Oregonians.

On Monday, Steve Buckstein took up the fight against single payer health care, testifying about the negatives of such a plan before the House Committee on Health Care.

Click here to listen to the testimony.

On Friday, Steve defended a bill which would deregulate natural hair care in Oregon before the Senate Committee on General Government, Consumer and Small Business Protection.

Click here to listen to the testimony.

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One Response to This Week in the Capitol: Health Care and Hair Braiding

  1. Neil Huff says:

    The older tried and true method of health care in China depended on a family physician maintaining the health of the client and his family. The doctor received a monthly stipend only as long as everyone in the family was well. When one of the family became ill, the stipend to the doctor stopped until the patient was on their feet again. A most sensible system: both the doctor and the client had parallel interests in keeping the family healthy. In our system, the doctors make most of their money when the client is near death. In other words their interests are in perfect opposition. Somehow this sounds very VERY wrong.

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