This Week in the Capitol: Virtual Schools, Tobacco Taxes, and Land-Use

This Week in the CapitolWe are a month and a half into Oregon’s 2013 legislative session. Cascade’s John Charles and Steve Buckstein are in the capitol several days each week, bringing free-market and fiscally responsible perspectives to issues before numerous committees.

On Tuesday, Steve Buckstein gave two testimonies on virtual schools before the Senate Education and Workforce Development Committee.

Steve spoke to the legislators about the unintended consequences of enrollment requirements for public charter schools that offer online courses with Senate Bill 508.

Click here to listen to his testimony.

Steve also expressed his support on support for Senate Bill 587, which would remove a prohibition against for-profit entities hiring any of the staff of a virtual public charter school.

Click here to listen to his testimony.

John Charles continued his presence in the state capitol for the session with testimonies on tobacco taxes and Oregon’s land use laws.

On Tuesday, John testified before the House Transportation and Economic Development Committee in favor of rolling back Oregon’s 40-year-old land use plan currently being continued with House Bills 2284 and 2285, which would provide loans and grants for the development of industrial land.

Click here to see the Daily Journal of Commerce article about his testimony.

Also on Tuesday, John presented reasons for not increasing the state’s cigarette tax by $1 per pack to the House Revenue Committee.

Click here to listen to his testimony.

John brought similar arguments against House Bill 2287, which expands the right of collecting such cigarette and tobacco taxes to counties to the House Revenue Committee on Friday.

Click here to listen to his testimony.

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