Debunking Tax Myths

Two of Oregon’s top private economists, and Cascade authors, have now produced a national publication which debunks seven popular tax myths commonly used by advocates of higher taxes.

Dr. Randall Pozdena and Dr. Eric Fruits discuss the following seven myths in
Tax Myths Debunked:

• Myth 1: Increased government spending stimulates the economy during recessions
• Myth 2: Lower tax rates are bad for the economy in a recession
• Myth 3: Raising tax rates will not harm economic growth
• Myth 4: Austerity in the form of spending cuts will harm growth and employment
• Myth 5: Real household income has not grown in the past 20 years
• Myth 6: The distribution of income is increasingly inequitable
• Myth 7: Raising tax rates on the rich will not harm the economy

Read and share the entire report here.

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