Oregon Legislature: Let All Oregon Businesses Find Their Greatness

All Oregon businesses should get the same opportunities to find greatness. As shown in this ad by Nike, greatness is not reserved for a few.

“Greatness is no more unique to us than breathing. We’re all capable of it.”

Governor Kitzhaber’s proposal to ensure tax certainty for Nike unfortunately leaves out most Oregon companies that also hope to “become great.”


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2 Responses to Oregon Legislature: Let All Oregon Businesses Find Their Greatness

  1. Gary Thorsen says:

    I think Mr Kitzhaber needs to find his own greatness – outside of the governors office! Well maybe not. Kitzhaber for janitor!!!!

  2. Neil Huff says:

    To start with, it is a silly ad. Does anyone truly think “everyone is equally capable of greatness”? However defined…that is absolute nonsense. With the current failure rate of new start-up businesses, with about 75% folding up within a year or two, one can hardly invoke some wonderous, innate capacity for greatness as widely shared human attribute. The fat boy puffing along down the middle of a highway emphatically does not suggest anything, but death by a heart attack or by a car.

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