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Should we make Government Better, or Smaller?

The concept of Reinventing Government, from the 1992 book by the same name, offers no clue about what government should or shouldn’t do. Should we try to make government better, or smaller? Should the state introduce more creative lottery games, … Continue reading

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New Drug Trafficking Report Casts More Doubt on the Effectiveness of Oregon’s Prescription-Only Pseudoephedrine Policy

Pseudoephedrine is used in allergy and cold medications, but it is also a precursor chemical used to make the illegal drug methamphetamine. Making pseudoephedrine a prescription-only drug was seen by some as a way to reduce the number of illegal … Continue reading

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Exposing “The Machine”

Just months after the release of Cascade Policy Institute’s webpage, the Moving Picture Institute and have created a video which vividly explains the relationship between teachers unions and politics. Illustrating how a great increase in per student spending … Continue reading

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“They Left out Radio!”―Human creativity is the key to economic growth

Begun in 1882 as a “workingmen’s holiday,” today’s Labor Day celebrates Americans in all sectors of the economy, whose initiative and creativity drive economic innovation and success. The American economy is more than an aggregate dollar value of impersonal production … Continue reading

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