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The Unsustainability of Green Buildings

By Victoria Leca Portland politicians and civic leaders have tried to “brand” the city as a world leader in “sustainable development” for the past decade. Now that Portland has so many buildings built to so-called “green standards,” it’s appropriate to … Continue reading

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“You Didn’t Build That”

“If you’ve got a business—you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”*         —President Barack Obama, July 13, 2012 Perhaps the President is angling for a cameo role in the upcoming movie Atlas Shrugged, Part II which debuts on October … Continue reading

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Protect Free Speech―but Own the Consequences of Your Claims

By Shane Young The Supreme Court’s June 28 decision to overturn the Stolen Valor Act on the basis of a violation of the First Amendment is a win for both liberty and the Free Market of transactions. The Stolen Valor … Continue reading

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