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Kathryn Hickok interviewed on the value of motherhood

We sat down with Cascade’s Publications Director, Kathryn Hickok, to discuss her latest commentary, “Knowing the Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing.” Click here to read her commentary.

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Taking on the Taxi Cartel

Are limos and towncars better than taxis?  Well, that’s certainly a matter of opinion. But, the fact is that by city law Portland limos and towncars are required to cost more than taxicabs. Customers are also required to wait at … Continue reading

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Steve Buckstein explains Oregon’s slipping economic outlook

We sat down with Cascade’s senior policy analyst, Steve Buckstein, to talk about his latest commentary describing Oregon’s falling on the Rich States, Poor States rankings. The ranking system looks at the economic outlook for each state based on policies … Continue reading

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Caine’s Arcade: A Dream Come True

Don’t you love innovation? Look at this young boy, Caine Monroy. He’s nine years old, and yet he has the entrepreneurial spirit to create a small business with a few cardboard boxes and a great imagination. The boy’s cardboard arcade, … Continue reading

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Steve Buckstein discusses his latest commentary “Do You Feel Exploited by Apple?”

In his latest commentary, Do You Feel Exploited by Apple?, Steve Buckstein asked a group of students if they felt exploited by Apple after buying Apple products. They didn’t because they chose to make those purchases. See how Steve relates this … Continue reading

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For Cirque du Soleil performance, cars prove more important than MAX

See my latest Letter to the Editor printed Thursday in the Oregonian about MAX use at the Expo Center’s Cirque du Soleil show, OVO. Mayoral candidate Charlie Hales asserted recently that the streetcar is a better transit option than bus service … Continue reading

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ObamaCare Gives Congress License to Micromanage Every Facet of Our Lives

Last week the United States Supreme Court heard an extraordinary three days of arguments concerning the constitutionality of the “individual mandate” provision of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, popularly known as ObamaCare. Along with the plaintiffs in the … Continue reading

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