Government Gone Wild… Special Interests

Check out this video from Government Gone Wild that talks about the growth of government even during the recent recession.

Do government employees have their own special interests when it comes to the size of government?

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2 Responses to Government Gone Wild… Special Interests

  1. Fred Starkey says:

    You need more data on Oregon. Oregon is going bankrupt because of PERS.
    You have zero info on PERS. Between 1966 – 1980 the stock market lost
    4%. How will PERS pay 8% plus a 2% COLA plus benfits with this kind of return

    It won’t that is why taxes are going up. Read Oregon’s Grand Delusion by Fred Starkey
    written in 2005 but published in 2006.

  2. Fred M. Starkey says:

    I stated in my 1st article in 2006 that PERS as a percentage of payroll would go from 12% to 28% in the Springfield School District: it is now 28% in 2013. And the school district wants another tax. Rank incompetence is all over Oregon, which the Cascade
    group has not brought to light: especially POB’s and gas costs: billions lost. This is another reason Oregon will go bust.

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