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A Defense of Free Market Environmentalism

By Nick Sibilla On July 30, the Washington Post published my letter to the editor where I argued for the privatization of America’s national parks. In response to an earlier op-ed (which claimed the National Park Service was a “prime … Continue reading

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Is Unemployment Insurance Stimulative?

Does unemployment insurance stimulate the economy? This question has been debated by economists from different schools of thought for decades. Stephen Moore’s recent Wall Street Journal opinion gave a great answer. He said: “I have two teenage sons. One worked … Continue reading

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Government Gone Wild… Special Interests

Check out this video from Government Gone Wild that talks about the growth of government even during the recent recession. Do government employees have their own special interests when it comes to the size of government?

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Milton Friedman 99th Birthday Thank You Video

Thanks to everyone who came and helped us celebrate Milton Friedman’s 99th birthday. Look forward to seeing you all next year for 100!

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Powerline blog contest videos, including “The Doorbell” and “Spending is Nuts”

Check out the winner of the Powerline blog debt contest called “The Spending Is Nuts,” by Justin Folk. It tells the story of a “squirrel” nation that has it’s spending get out of control. The video below wasn’t a winner, … Continue reading

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