Democracy Connection

Oregon has a new grassroots organization, Democracy Connection. Here’s some information about them from their website.

What We Do
Democracy Connection was created to help every American citizen get involved and be heard by those in office

Why We Do It
Campaigns are filled with promises, hopes and trust. Terms in office are often filled with broken promises, broken hopes and broken trust. If something is broken…fix it. We are here to not only inform Americans of what is happening but allow them to personally get involved and be heard.

How We Do It
Our commitment to you is to keep you up to date on the most recent and important topics, and then equip you with the ability to personally speak with those in office. We can provide the tools but we can’t do this alone. Getting involved begins with you and you can begin with Democracy

If you decide to signup, be sure to enter the code LIBERTY124, and get one FREE month!

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