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The End is Not Nigh! Why not increasing the U.S. debt ceiling may not be the end of the world

by Joseph Cox “The end of days is nigh,” or at least that’s what you hear from President Obama when he says, “We would risk sparking a deep economic crisis….For the first time in our history, our country’s triple-A credit … Continue reading

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Brilliant SNL solution for national debt crisis

What should our nation’s leaders do about the debt crisis? The problem which has baffled our nation’s leaders, has been solved by Saturday Night Live’s revolutionary book, Don’t Buy Stuff You Can’t Afford. Check out SNL’s sound economic policy work … Continue reading

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Last chance to see Farmageddon!

Be sure to catch this great movie before it’s out of theatres in Oregon on the 26th! HOLLYWOOD THEATER 4122 NE Sandy Boulevard Portland, OR 97212 (503) 281-4215 To pre-buy tickets: COLUMBIA RIVER BREWING CO. 1728 NE 40th Ave (40th … Continue reading

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CATO on Medicaid/Medicare and the Debt Ceiling

The Cato Institute has released a new video discussing massive fraud in Medicare and Medicaid, which could easily exceed $100 billion per year. The video is based on a recent article in National Review by Cato director of health policy studies Michael F. Cannon … Continue reading

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Makings lives better—by making them worse.

By Kristian Roggendorf So-called “liberal” utopianism results in a society that has neither liberty nor blissful living.  Case in point: the ongoing car versus bike wars in Portland.  While the civil war has calmed down a bit lately in the … Continue reading

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Former intern published on

Check out an opinion article from Rachel Cheeseman, former intern for Oregon Capitol News, about freedom of thought in higher education.

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Farmageddon Coming to Portland!

Farmageddon is coming to Portland! July 23 to 26, 2011 at the Hollywood Theater This compelling new documentary examines the government’s attack on small family farms.  Filmmaker Kristin Canty uses the stories of farmers, co-ops, and other real food providers … Continue reading

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Democracy Connection

Oregon has a new grassroots organization, Democracy Connection. Here’s some information about them from their website. What We Do Democracy Connection was created to help every American citizen get involved and be heard by those in office Why We Do … Continue reading

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“The Best Earthly Inheritance”

Every July much is said by eloquent writers, philosophers, political leaders, commentators, think tanks, and—thanks to blogs and social media—Americans everywhere, about the Declaration of Independence, the meaning of the American Experiment, the blessings of liberty, and the price of … Continue reading

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