City of Portland Employee Salaries

Ever wondered how much City of Portland officials make? Oregon Capitol News now provides a searchable database of worker salary information for the State of Oregon.

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Annual Compensation
Date Requested: 6/22/10 Estimated cost: $101.14
Date Obtained: Actual Cost: $101.14
Status: Online Fee waiver: Denied
Years Bureau Title First Name Last Name Total Pay
-20 - of Results

1 Premium - Employees receive 'premium pay' when they perform specialty work that is designated within a labor agreement as requiring additional compensation; for example: a firefighter with an EMT or haz mat certification; an equipment operator licensed to operate special equipment; or a police officer assigned to ride a motorcycle.

2 Payout - Employees receive monetary reimbursement for vacation leave upon separation from City employment and if they're in the public safety arena they are reimbursed for sick leave, also.

Police and firemen who are remain members of the Fire & Police Disability & Retirement Fund show no pension contributions because the system is unfunded and therefore no information is generated.

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6 Responses to “Portland Salaries”

  1. Paul Par Says:

    Wow! An eye opener!

  2. Alex Clemens Says:

    Thanks for your efforts in obtaining and publishing this info. Would it be possible to also provide some basic statistics such as average total compensation per employee, average increase year-to-year? Thanks.


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