John A. Charles, Jr. featured on KATU 2story on TriMet’s gold-platedemployee benefits.

Watch this great KATU-TV exposé of TriMet’s “most generous in the country” benefits package. Featuring Cascade’s President John Charles’ analysis of the agency’s out-of-control spending and Common Sense for Oregon’s Golden Fleece Award for wasting taxpayers’ money.

John A. Charles, Jr. responds to The Port of Portland unanimous vote to enter into an Air Service Development Agreement with Delta AirlinesJuly 8, 2009

John A. Charles, Jr.
Today the Port of Portland voted unanimously to enter into an Air Service Development Agreement with Delta Airlines. Under the terms of the agreement, the Port of Portland will pay Delta a service retention fee in the amount of $3.5 million in exchange for Delta’s commitment to continue daily nonstop service between PDX and Tokyo, Japan, from September 1, 2009 through May 31, 2010.  This program is also available to any other air carrier willing to commence new daily nonstop service between PDX and Asia, so it creates an open-ended liability for the Port. If 7 other airlines sign up for the same deal, then presumably the Port would have to pay out $24.5 million, regardless of whether it actually has the money and regardless of whether PDX needs the service.

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New Report Documents Massive Cost of Proposed High-Speed Rail Program

For Release June 24, 2009

For more information, contact:
Randal O’Toole, 541-595-1460 or
John Charles, 503-242-0900

The Cascade Policy Institute released a report today documenting that President Obama’s proposed high-speed rail program will cost $1,000 for every federal income taxpayer, yet the average American will ride high-speed trains less than 60 miles a year. The report estimates that the average Oregonian will take a round trip on high-speed trains only once every 10 years.

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Testimony of John A. Charles, Jr. Regarding SB 34-A May 18, 2009

John A. Charles, Jr.Cascade Commentary

Listen to this testimony at 2:55:51-3:09:05 on this audio file.

My name is John Charles and I am president of Cascade Policy Institute, a non-profit policy research organization. I have extensive experience with urban mass transit, both as a consumer and as a researcher. During the past 29 years I have used the TriMet transit system over 20,000 times.

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Read the full text of the bill here.

Testimony of John A. Charles, Jr.Regarding SB 580-6

.John A. Charles, Jr.Cascade Commentary

April 15, 2009
As a member of the Oregon Road User Fee Task Force, I support the policy direction of SB 580-6. The construction and ongoing maintenance of highways, tunnels and bridges should be financed through direct road user fees, collected via electronic tolling technology.

Listen to John’s testimony at 22:14-26:14 and 27:48-30:17 on the audio file.

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