January 22, 2016

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Cascade Policy Institute Plans Special Event to Celebrate National School Choice Week 2016

Portland, Oregon to play role in nation’s largest celebration of education reform


Portland, Ore. – Cascade Policy Institute will hold a special event in celebration of National School Choice Week 2016, organizers announced today. The event will shine a spotlight on the need to expand access to educational options for all children.

The event will take place at noon on Thursday, January 28, at Cascade Policy Institute. Cascade’s Founder and Senior Policy Analyst Steve Buckstein will discuss the latest school choice news and what’s happening in Oregon. The event is open to the public, but reservations are required.

“Oregon is behind the national school choice curve. It’s time we caught up, so all Oregon students can get the best education possible regardless of their zip code,” said Buckstein.

School choice means empowering parents with the freedom to choose the best educational environments for their children. The goal of National School Choice Week (NSCW) is to raise public awareness of all types of education options for children. These options include traditional public schools, public charter schools, magnet schools, online learning, private schools, and homeschooling.

Started in 2011, NSCW has grown into the world’s largest celebration of opportunity in education. The Week is a nonpartisan, nonpolitical public awareness effort and welcomes all Americans to get involved and to have their voices heard. Held every January, NSCW shines a positive spotlight on effective education options for every child.

National School Choice Week 2016 will be held January 24-30, 2016. The Week will be the largest series of education-related events in U.S. history:

  • 16,140 total events across all 50 states
  • 13,224 schools of all types are holding events
  • 808 homeschool groups are holding events
  • 1,012 chambers of commerce are holding events
  • 27 governors have issued proclamations recognizing School Choice Week in their states
  • More than 200 mayors and county leaders have issued School Choice Week proclamations
  • There will be rallies and special events at 20 state capitol buildings

“From 150 events in our inaugural year, 2011, to 5,500+ events in 2014, the impact of National School Choice Week has been nothing short of incredible,” said Andrew Campanella, National School Choice Week’s president.

“Thinking back to that first year, I am just overwhelmed at how much NSCW has grown, with so many different folks across the country shining in the positive spotlight of this effort. From students and parents and teachers to school leaders, elected officials, governors, mayors, state legislators, concerned citizens, education organizations and small businesses, National School Choice Week has truly brought people together to celebrate educational opportunity.”

By participating in National School Choice Week 2016, Cascade Policy Institute joins hundreds of organizations, thousands of groups, and millions of Americans in raising awareness about the need to empower parents with the ability to choose the best educational environments for their children.

Founded in 1991, Cascade Policy Institute is Oregon’s premier policy research center. Cascade’s mission is to explore and promote public policy alternatives that foster individual liberty, personal responsibility, and economic opportunity.

For more information, visit www.schoolchoiceweek.com or visit cascadepolicy.org.


2 thoughts on “Press Release: Largest Celebration of Education Reform in U.S. History Begins January 24

  1. Public Schools are abysmal, but as soon as taxpayer money starts flowing to private schools / institutions – government controls over curriculum, lunch offerings, student / teacher diversity ratios, teacher training / accreditation are SURE to follow. And, religion, that won’t be allowed – due to the non-sensical fairy tale existence of “separationg of church and state”. This would be done under the banner of “accountability”. The end game for “school choice” advocates is to make it so there is no tangible difference between public schools, or their private counterparts. The end game for them is to eliminate choice.

    Also, pushing charter schools as a better option to traditional public schools, only further erodes the elected school board’s oversight.

    Our main problem with education is a fairly broad problem at the nexus of a lack of common sense coupled with a healthy dose of apathy.

    1. School choice advocates don’t want to eliminate choice. We want to maximize choice by maximizing parent control over where kids go to school and how the money follows the child. School choice laws need to be carefully crafted in order not to increase government control over private institutions. It can be done. Educational savings accounts (ESAs) are one way that parents can control more of the money allocated for their kids’ education while minimizing government intrusion in their decisions.

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