Todd Wynn joined Cascade in July of 2008 as a policy analyst. For over a year and a half, he conducted climate change and energy policy research.

Mr. Wynn was promoted to Vice President in 2010 and he now covers energy, climate change and general environmental and economic policy issues. He has been published in newspapers across the state including the Oregonian, The Statesman Journal, Roseburg Beacon, Cascade Business News, Tigard/Tualatin Times, Beaverton Valley Times, Northwest Connections, Central Oregonian and many others. Mr. Wynn is also regularly featured as an environmental policy expert on TV and radio stations across the state and U.S. such as Fox News, KGW, The Jeff Kropf Show, Lars Larson Show, Bill Post Show, Victoria Taft Show, and more.

Mr. Wynn moved to Portland soon after receiving his Master’s degree in International and Developmental Economics at the University of San Francisco. While studying at the University of San Francisco, Todd worked abroad in India on climate change impact research. In collaboration with the International Crop Research Institute of the Semi-Arid Tropics, Todd produced an economic analysis that described the possible damages due to a change in global temperatures and potential adaptation methods for rural Indians. Prior to studying at the University of San Francisco, Todd attended Virginia Military Institute and California State University, Long Beach where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Economics.

When not engaged in fighting for freedom, Mr. Wynn enjoys the great outdoors in the Pacific Northwest. He is an avid hiker, camper, and kayaker. Most of his free time is spent paddling the many rivers and estuaries across the state or exploring remote wilderness locations with his dog Samson.

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