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REPORT: The Dirty Secret Behind Clean Jobs

Todd Wynn | August 22, 2011
With unemployment on the rise, new jobs are scarce. Creating jobs has become a top priority for politicians. One can hardly watch the news without ...  read more

BPA Fact Sheet

Todd Wynn | June 8, 2011
Despite considerable fears raised by activist groups and the press, the science does not warrant regulations on Bisphenol-A (BPA). Instead, it shows that human exposure ...  read more

The ABCs of Environmental Hysteria: Activists, Bisphenol-A and Children

Todd Wynn | April 26, 2011
Spreading like wildfire, more attempts have been made to ban Bisphenol-A (BPA) at the state level in 2011 than in any previous year. More than ...  read more
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Todd Wynn testifies before the Oregon Senate on the proposed plastic bag ban

Todd Wynn | March 9, 2011
Todd Wynn presents the Oregon Senate with information from Cascade Policy Institute and the Beacon Hill Institute on the financial and job related impacts of ... read more

Todd Hosts Bill Post Part 2 (VIDEO)

Todd Wynn | February 28, 2011
Click here for part 1 Todd Wynn fills in for Bill Post on Feb 7th, 2011. Guests from this second hour include: John Audley from ... read more

Todd Wynn on Bill Post Hour 1 (VIDEO)

Todd Wynn | February 25, 2011
Click here for Part 2 Todd Wynn fills in for Bill Post on Feb 7th, 2011. Guests from this first hour include: Christina Martin – ... read more

Todd debates the bag ban on Populations TV

Todd Wynn | February 18, 2011
Todd and Gus Gates of the Surfrider Foundation debate the plastic bag ban on Populations TV. A special thanks to Jim Winkle and Populations TV read more
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Todd on “I Spy on Salem”

Todd was a guest on I Spy on Salem radio last week. Todd’s clip is part two of a three part series on the Energy ... read more

Renewable Energy: Leaving Oregonians out in the Cold

In 2010, approximately one in 30 Oregonians had their electricity cut off due to inability to pay. Enrollment in the low-income assistance program has increased ... read more
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