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2016’s Record-Breaking Celebration of School Choice

Kathryn Hickok | January 27, 2016
This week is National School Choice Week. Every January, National School Choice Week highlights the need for effective educational options for all children “in a ...  read more

“They Left out Radio!” ― Human creativity is the key to economic growth

Kathryn Hickok | January 6, 2016
Bull market? Bear market? Recession? Recovery? What does 2016 have in store for us? Our economy—national, state, and local—is usually described in terms of numbers, ...  read more

The Truth About Santa Claus

Kathryn Hickok | December 23, 2015
Do you believe in Santa Claus? Many think they are too old to believe in Santa Claus, but they have unwittingly come believe in another ...  read more
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Kathryn Hickok Discusses School Choice Week and Children’s Scholarship Fund

Kathryn Hickok | February 1, 2013
We sat down with Kathryn Hickok to talk about National School Choice Week and how the Portland-based branch of Children’s Scholarship Fund is helping local ... read more

Kathryn Hickok discusses the merits of the proposed Multnomah County Library taxing district measure

Kathryn Hickok | October 11, 2012
The League of Women Voters of Portland hosted a debate on local ballot measures, where Cascade Policy Institute Publications Director Kathryn Hickok debated the merits ... read more

Kathryn Hickok discusses Americans’ “Best Earthly Inheritance”

| July 11, 2012
In her latest interview with Cascade Policy Institute, Kathryn Hickok talks about her latest commentary on religious freedom and the principles left to Americans as ... read more

Kathryn Hickok talks about the first amendment fight to serve

| June 22, 2012
We sat down with our Publications Director Kathryn Hickok to discuss her latest commentary, This First Amendment Fight Is for Freedom to Serve, where she discusses ... read more
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U.S. Sees Huge Growth in Homeschooling

What does it mean for parents and kids today? The Center for Education Reform reports that since 2003, the number of homeschooled kids in the ... read more

Low-Income Scholarship Recipients “Highly Successful” in High School and Beyond

The Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice just released an exploratory study examining the graduates of the Children’s Scholarship Fund Baltimore. CSF Baltimore is a privately ... read more
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